I have an average size lawn. How much would you charge for weekly lawn maintenance service?

We offer free estimates. Upon your request, we will come to your location to evaluate your lawn maintenance needs. We'll provide you a competitive quote and guarantee you our lawn maintenance services to be second-to-none.

How much should I water my lawn?

That depends on several factors. Type of grass, competition from other plants, shade, temperature, and amount of recent rainfall. Evaporation rates are very low in winter months so, usually, there is no need to water more than once or twice a month. In the Summer months, the evaporation rates are high so more water is required to maintain health of trees, shrubs, flowers and turf. In those hot Summer months, most lawns should be watered 2-4 times per week with " of water applied each time. During very dry or hot periods, fescue lawns would benefit from lessor amounts of water being applied every day.

Do you sell lawn mowers, parts, grass seed, sod, etc?

No. We only use them to provide you the best possible service.

Why are weeds more troublesome this year?

It has been pretty confusing past 12 months for all plants, including weeds. Weed germination is influenced by short-term climate conditions. Above average temperatures over the past year or so coupled with drought then large amounts of rain has seriously affected weed germination. Because of this, weed germination cycle for a number of weeds is occurring earlier than usual. Broadleaf weeds can be easily controlled with timely application of broadleaf chemicals. Some grassy weeds will be more difficult and may take longer to satisfactorily control or eliminate.

Why is my turf grass getting thinner? It used to be thick and green.

There could be a number of factors affecting turf grass decline. One of the most common reasons is increasing yard shade coverage as trees mature. Raising canopies of trees may improve this situation. Or, it may be necessary to try a different type of turf grass such as fescue or zoysia. Fungus can also thin (or kill) grasses in Oklahoma. Most fungus is treatable but should be done as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your turf grass. Finally, try to encourage your pets to do their 'business' in varying parts of the yard.

Why are the leaves of my trees or plants turning yellow?

Too much or too little water could cause (or at least contribute) to this condition. Also, the pH of your soil may be the culprit. Some plants require lower pH and some higher. We can have the pH of your soil as well as available soil nutrients evaluated for you. Then, develop a plan to improve soil conditions in your beds and turf areas.

What will it cost me to have my sprinkler system checked?

Of course every sprinkler system is different. We have highly professional and honest sprinkler system repair crews. They will evaluate your system and provide practical advice about deficiencies they may find in your system. And, they'll do it as quickly as possible to still provide you with the information you need to make your decision.

Do you install lawn irrigation systems?

No. We specialize in making your existing system perform as it is supposed too.

How do I get something scheduled?

The nature of the work and your schedule will affect the scheduling of some repair or maintenance work. We will do everything possible to schedule work when convenient for you. Of course, the more information you provide us over the phone will help us get your problem taken care of in a convenient and timely manner. Our normal hours are 8 A.M to 6 P.M.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We gladly accept Visa and Master Card. A fee of 1.9% will be applicable when making your payment by credit card. This nominal fee will cover our bank charges. You can pay your bill over the phone using your credit card.


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